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Occupational Therapy

iStock_000050476006_XXXLargeOccupational therapy (OT) is a patient-centered practice with a focus on strategies that develop, modify, return or help to maintain essential activities of daily living.  KC’s OT recognizes that the best place to get better is at home. When performed in the home, individuals have the advantage of learning skills that are pertinent and useful in their everyday lives. OT’s provide critical assessments, training and support to patients and their caregivers who must learn or relearn personalized adaptations for performing basic tasks like eating or dressing. In addition, they can provide assistance in adjusting to the emotional and social changes that often come along with an illness or injury. This alleviates feelings of helplessness, lost independence and the fear that living at home might no longer be a possibility. It also provides individuals with the tools they need to continue residing at home or aging in place.

Occupational Therapy services may include:

  • Therapeutic exercises related to upper extremity activities and function
  • Measures to improve self-care, dressing, and activities of daily living skills
  • Visual and spatial deficits
  • Low-vision education and home preparation
  • Teaching energy conservation measures to improve endurance
  • Assessing for and teaching use of splints and adaptive equipment
  • Arrangement of environment to improve home safety and increase independence