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iStock_000022265249_XXXLargeThe #1 goal of KC’s nurses is to keep patients at home and out of the hospital.  Our nurses are responsible for evaluating the patient’s health and environment, educating the patient caregiver or other family on their disease process or condition.  Nurses help them become more independent and coordinate care between physician, patients and their families and other care team members.

Our nurses are adept with various kinds of critical patient care skills such as:

  • Comprehensive nursing assessment and specialized patient teaching
  • Medication teaching
  • Administration and teaching of injection medication
  • Closely monitoring any changes in diagnosis, medication or devices
  • Educating the patient on how to best cope with their condition
  • Wound care teaching and management
  • Urinary catheter care
  • Ostomy care
  • Observing bowel and urinary output
  • Overseeing the patient diet

Furthermore, the home health nurse will make arrangements for an emergency response plan which is needed especially when you are living alone.  Such an emergency plan will help ensure your safety at all times.