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Our Story

Kerry Halcomb, PT, moved to Arizona in 1995, and in 1998, he opened Physical Therapy On Wheels, providing contract therapy to home health and hospice companies. While doing this, Kerry realized many of the home health care agencies that he contracted with were “missing the boat” when it came to providing care. He noticed a stark disconnect between the various disciplines of health care providers that were caring for a patient. Nurses were not communicating their patient’s needs to physical therapists, the physical therapists were not communicating with occupational therapists, and so on. As a result, patients were not receiving top-notch care. At Langston University, Kerry was taught that integrated healthcare was key to quality care, and he immediately understood the need for an organization that practiced this vital concept. In 2006, Kerry set out to form a Medicare Certified Home Healthcare agency, centered on strong multidisciplinary communication. At that time, and even more so currently, each sector of healthcare is under pressure, being forced to continually deliver innovative, high-quality healthcare services with declining reimbursement and increased regulatory oversight due to the changing political, legislative, and regulatory landscape in the United States. As a result, Kerry decided to become the best provider of home health services in Arizona. He has formulated a mission of innovative healthcare at home and partnered with hospital systems through ACOs and preferred partner relationships.

As one of the few organizations that truly live and breathe established core values – accountability, teamwork, integrity, service excellence, and mutual respect—KC’s has made a name for itself with both employees and clients.